4000 years of glorious history,unique natural beauty, you will live a unique experience in this remarkable city with historical monuments of the Black Sea. This important natural and historic structures one more valuable from each other;  lakes with unique beauties, tablelands, museums and unique local delicacies awaits you...

It is located at Altındere village of Trabzon's Maçka county. Sümela Monastery is built on a cliff that dominates the valley of Altındere Montenegro's outskirts, among the people "Virgin Mary" is referred to. Sümela Monastery of the Byzantine Emperor Theodosius (375-395) Barnabas from Athens and Sophronios is believed to be founded by two monks.Sümela, continued to function as monastery until 1923.

It is located in the neighborhood of St. Sophia Ortahisar district. Escaping after being occupied by Latinos in Istanbul and at Trabzon in 1204 , King from a new state founded Kommenos family I.manuel (1238-1263), commissioned by between the years 1250 to 1260  a monastery church called Hagia Sophia which means "Holy Wisdom’’ was built. In 1461, in an important region of the church in the last period to be conquered by the Ottomans Hagia Sophia, it has continued to operate while preserving the importance after this date. It was converted into a mosque because it was needed to be in 1670 and also in 1864  it has been restored.Hagia Sophia which is occupied by Russian during World War I has been used as  military headquarters, hospitals, warehouses and after the war it was still used as a mosque. Between the years 1958-1962 it was converted into a museum by the cooperation of the University of Edinburgh and the General Directorate in 1964. Trabzon Regional Directorate of Foundations had converted Hagia Sophia  into a mosque in 2013.

Girls monastery is just in Trabzon Boztepe location. Emperor III. Alexios's (1349-1390) built the monastery with the  several rooms, soup kitchen, bell towers, guest houses, a pool and two churches. Monastery used until 1923 later had been abandoned.

Trabzon Uzungol located within the boundaries of the district in the province Çaykara; with its marvelous nature and one of the major attractions draw heavily from  not just abroad but also within the country. Located in the middle of the valley and the rocks falling from the slopes formed by closing the creek in front of Haldizen lake, known as ‘’Uzungöl’’ and the same name were given the enviorment also.

It is a landslide lake located in the township of Trabzon Akçaabat.The lake had been formed between Göl, Yıldızlı ve Derecik municipalities.Sera Lake, located 15 minutes from the airport and 10 km from the city center, is one of the popular spots of Trabzon tourism with its natural beauty.

It is a neighborhood of Macka. His real name is Hamsikoy (Beşköy) is recorded as the Black Sea anchovy, who led Hamsikoy because of the culture of food. Besides the unique nature of the ‘’pudding’’ ,it is one of the famous tourism stopovers at Trabzon.

Buidl as Trabzon Museum ,this mansion at Zeytinlik Street first was done by  Banker Kostaki Teophylaktos around 1900's (1898-1913) .Being enactored  in 1927-1932 , the mansion after has been restored in the year 1927-1932 by the Ministry of Culture opened to the public on 22 April 2001 as Trabzon Museum. The basement of the mansion,  is Archaeological Works Section whereas  ground floor of the mansion is  Display from mansion and  ethnographic collection is arranged on the first floor and the mezzanine floor of the mansion is Administrative Department.

Trabzon Castle is located on the highest hill in the city. Built to prevent attacks that may come from the sea Trabzon Castle consists of three parts, , the upper citadel,the middle citadel  and down citadel. One side sea one side forest this castle is one of the must see place in the city.

Situated in the city center of Trabzon Bazaar is at within the Çarşı neighborhood boundaries.Although there is no precise information about construction , it was built in the 11th century was the Genoese structure  and we have the information that it is turn into the bazaar with the Ottoman conquest of Trabzon. Trabzon Bazaar exhibits a great feast of architecture. Bazaar consisting of a regular 28 cm stone was planned as square-structured. Also seated on four elephant feet, architectural aesthetics have been improved. The wooden parts were placed on top of the hole. The bazaar is an important work place where the merchants were used as offices at upper floors now became Ottoman coffeehouses as a symbol of café culture.It might be one of the activities you can do during the day for drinking coffee.

This structure is one of the rare churches can survive in Trabzon neighborhoods. Continued its activities as a church until 1923 , the church was later used as a store  for milk powder and figs by the municipality. Although it was established in the city center for years it stayed as a ruined state and the door was locked but now it is possible to visit it. After asking grants from Culture and Tourism Ministry, the church boost the tourism after a detailed restoration by the grant from Ministry.