The first thing comes to mind when we talk about Black Sea is Trabzon contains unique natural beauties and historical treasure in every corner. Trabzon Castle which is preserved till today and old city walls build the city’s magic. The oldest part of the city walls dates back to the Roman era. The city's world-famous Sumela Monastery, is  the most magnificent structure even in the Middle&East of Black Sea.

In this nature&cultural city ,museums are also stand out.Those who like to be informed about Trabzon’s and region’s history,culture and traditions should visit museums and can learn more about the city.

Located at Trabzon's Maçka district of Altındere village, Sümela Monastery exactly built on a cliff in Karacadağ mountain’s skirt, referred as ‘’ Virgin Mary’’. The building is 300 meters above the valley, outside the city of monasteries in this position, jungles, caves and has continued its tradition to being next watersources.

Beside Sümela  Monastery you can also visit other monestries and churches such as  Girls Monastery, Kaymaklı Monastery and St. Peristeri Monastery and St.Eugenius church.

Trabzon Museum, Hagia Sophia, Cevdet Sunay Museum, Exhibition of Traditional Life  are all major touristic attracitons besides them mountain tourism is also another treasure for the city. The region hosts of the great plateau connected to neighboring provinces in Trabzon Eriklibel Plateau, Lapaz Plateau, Haçka Obama Plateau, Garest Plateau, Şolma Plateau, Sultan Murat Plateau, Şekersu Plateau and Haldizen Plateau among values worth to see  in Trabzon.

If you are ready to explore Trabzon don’t forget to see Uzungöl, Çal cave, Sera Lake and Altındere Valley as well as provinces such as Akçaabat, Sürmene, Maçka, Çaykara...