Trabzon Söğütlü into our hotel services Hanzade Park has hosted TTSO management. Meeting with the President of the Assembly TTSO from Damascus, TTSO Chairman Suat Hacısalihoğlu and joined council members...

Trabzon Söğütlü Hanzade into De service hotel has hosted TTSO management. TTSO President of the Assembly who is from Damascus, TTSO Chairman Suat Hacısalihoğlu and councilors attended by Alper in which the hotel's public speech at the meeting Bektas said: "We have established our hotel 5 as partners. We have such a project, let our member council, with the European Union TKDK grant friends. We wrote the project and approved. these projects, of course, encourage the entrepreneurship. our idea here was to cost 1.5 million but've cost 3 million. We want a better service Let us get quality. output at a price above our little düşünece for it but still pleased. discovered a hotel with 25 rooms, we . "


We had no experience in the sense of a hotel with a friend. Our thoughts first without blocking ourselves in a small hotel. If we do a larger project sector and let us know ahead of us. We aim to grow this hotel. We think there we have to use the space on the side. I hope we will be successful with the support of you.

Thank you for your participation you honor us. "hotel partners congratulated the President in his speech, "The hotel did provide a nice service. I congratulate all the partners individually," he said.

Hacısalihoğlu the President wished to bring plenty of gain in the hotel.